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  • Solar inverter
  • Core electrical solution for renewable energy vehicle
  • Core electrical solution for Rail transit
  • Intelligent bathroom
  • Industrial microwave oven
  • Digital welding machine
  • Reformed shareholding system
    Reformed shareholding system, registered capital reached 133 Million RMB, relocated headquarter in QinghuaZiguang information harbor.
    The company completed the shareholding system reform, the registered capital of 133 million yuan
    New manufacture center had been starting to build in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.
    More than 11 million pcs of power supply shipped in this year.
    Megmeet became a provider of core electrical solution for renewable energy vehicle market.
  • Launched MC series PLC products
    Launched the MV series inverter
    Launched LED drive power
  • Megmeet USA inc., established
    Breakthrough in India and Brazil market
  • Launched AD Series inverter
    Entered industrial automation control market,
    Start business of customize power supply for telecom and medical.
  • Became dominating player of power supply in TV market
    Established factory plant in Shenzhen
    Revenue reached 100 million RMB.
  • Relocated in ShekouZhongjian industrial building, registered capital reached 5 million RMB
    Revenue reached 30 million RMB
    Megmeet Hongkong established
  • Found TV power supply technical platform
  • Megmeet was found in 2003, registered capital 500,000 RMB